HR Center
Talent Concept

First, improving professional level of staff continuously, which is a safeguard of transformation, innovation, and continuous improvement. Human resources is one of the most important resources in company development. So Group training center should be found to enhance and improve professional quality and professional technology.

Second, constructing healthy working atmosphere and good environment so that staff will identify with company#39;s values and developing aims and will do every effort for company#39;s development.

Third, company#39;s culture will deeply influence its development. What kind of company#39;s culture will Honland develop? Company#39;s culture is company#39;s core values.
Company#39;s aim: being one of the largest scale companies in the field of Chinese lighting
Company#39;s object: creating valve for customer, providing chances for staff, creating fortune for society and company.
Company#39;s spirit: professional dedication

Fourth, using company#39;s center values to set up a Honland group having same progress with company.
1. Professional Manager Group: the key to make second progress by leaps and bounds in the future
2. Professional Marketing Group: the key to improve marketing ability and achieve great-leap-forward development
3. Production Studying Group: the key to have strong ability for competition
4. Professional Administrative Group: the key to became a company of biggest influence in lighting field
5. Technologists Group: the key to inform brand effect in lighting field
6. Reservists Group: the key to Honlandrsquo;s continuous development

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