About Honland

The Honland Group was established in 1969 and with continuous developments over the past 40 years, the Group currently operates in a wide range of industries, including furniture, lighting and real estate.

There are over 15 individual companies and subsidiaries under the Honland Brand. The Group exports primarily to the USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Denmark, as well as Asia Pacific countries, with exporting turnover exceeding USD$120 million annually. Due to its advanced technologies and know-how, together with the sheer scale of operation, the Honland Group wins many domestic projects from the Government.

Our business partners worldwide have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship with us, as Honland is recognised as one of China’s Top Brand and our products are of such high quality that they are exempted from inspections. Internationally, the Honland products have obtained Certifications such as 3C, C-UL and CE.

Moving forward, the Honland Group will capitalise on its past successes and continue to be a market leader.

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